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Past Tuesday – Autism in Tech by Swiss Re

Report from our February event with partner Swiss Re Slovakia highlighting the role & inclusion of people with autism in the workforce


Autism in Tech

As hiring in the 21st century has become an increasingly important we are convinced that the upcoming event "Autism in Tech" created in a collaboration with Swiss Re is going to start a fruitful discussion about truly talented members of society that are affected by autism who are often looked down upon with prejudice & fear, yet thanks to their unique skill sets and personalities they have proven themselves globally to be perfectly suited for careers in all types of sectors, including IT.



It is our pleasure to share the perspective of Mr. Nima Motazed, Managing Director of Swiss Re, on what the future of work and engaging ones employees in a meaningful way will look like.


24 startups heading to FutureNow Bootcamp

The jury picked top 24 semifinalists from 120+ applicants coming from 12 different countries. These top innovative companies will meet at at X-Bionic Sphere Resort from 19th until 21st October for a special three-day Bootcamp. At the end, 12 startups will qualify for the finals that will be held on October 24 in Refinery Gallery. The main prize for the winner is 20,000 eur.


FutureNow Conference – Future of Work

It feels as our duty to discuss Future of Work as one of the main themes of FutureNow Conference. Why? People are generally barely aware of the dramatic changes connected to advances in technology that a lot of us don’t fully understand: automatisation, artificial intelligence, virtual reality…


Jonas Kjellberg, co-creator of Skype: A man who hates failure, but refuses to fear it.

Failure is a word you will hear over and over again from Jonas Kjellberg, who is, ironically, a very successful serial entrepreneur involved in companies such as Skype, iCloud or Zalando. Yet, he is never shy to admit that he is often wrong, has made terrible business decisions and many of his companies didn’t fare well.


Back To The Future With Jaroslav Luptak

Travel back in time and find out how it all started, what was most challenging, and what he would recommend to all aspiring entrepreneurs.


Open call for CEE startups!

We are expanding into CEE this year! Apply by September 14 for a chance to win 20 000,- EUR cash prize for your startup.


On bringing consciousness into organizations

Eva Nedelková says she is a hybrid: both a nature loving free spirit while simultaneously a driven, hard-working business woman.